UGG finally arrived on South African shores in 2020 - smack bang just as lockdown started. And so many ladies rushed to buy themselves a pair of the most coveted sheepskin boots in the world. I personally lived in my UGG boots for the winter of  2020 (and to be honest 2021 as well). 


Now that lockdown is (hopefully) a thing of the past - a few of my friends and clients have said to me "Yes but why would I want slippers for winter if I can now go out of the house?".

The thing is - if STYLED correctly - you can wear your UGG boots out to a variety of places AND with some of the new styles this year - they definitely do not look like "house boots".

Thus, I decided to do a short blog on how you can wear your UGG boots in such a way that it is not slipper-looking at all.



Style 1 - Mini Boots with a formal jacket

This look requires a neat pair of jeans, a beautiful shirt or jersey, and then a cute pair of mini UGG boots. This is the equivalent of wearing ankle boots and if you work from home this is actually the perfect work-comfort balance. 



Style 2 - Casual, Cosy, Chic

This is your typical Saturday morning - out with the girls or family for brunch, lunch, or shopping. Wear your tights, add some denim, accessorize with a wrap scarf - and you are set!




 Style 3 - Chilly Winter Days

Now, this is the weather these boots were actually made for. Wear your tights or jeans with a think knit, woolen coat, or puffer jacket, and do not forget a beanie.  This look just screams "I am keeping warm in the cold". 


Style 4 - DRESS them up

If you like your dresses, then there is nothing wrong with wearing your UGG boots with a dress (or skirt) this winter. If the weather is a little warmer you can rock this look without tights. 


Style 5 - The Long and Short of it

Basically - you can style your UGG boots any way you like. And not just in winter, when spring arrives you can still enjoy your booties out while wearing shorts..... 


Style 6 - The Michelle D Way

Now anyone who knows me, knows that I live in my torn jeans. In fact, my mother has often asked me if I need money for new jeans (as a joke of course as she HATES my torn jeans). This year I have decided that I should invest in some non-torn pants BUT .... this is my ultimate winter weekend look ....


And that's it ladies ..... there are so many many more ways you can wear your UGG boots out and about. So do not feel as though you need to keep them for your "couch potato" days.


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Have a wonderful week lovelies
Happy Shopping

March 18, 2022 — michelle du plessis

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