Well if you are anything like me, you will have loads of winter scarves - and even though you KNOW you have loads of scarves, you can just not help get ONE (or two) more with each season. Because .... as the voices in our heads try to rationalize ... 

"I don't have one this colour"

"This one is so nice and thick"

"This is so on trend"

"That old one of mine (in the same colour) is now getting real old"


Do not feel guilty - we all do it! BUT ... where you should feel guilty is if you tie your scarf around yourself THE SAME WAY every day. Then you may as well have just ONE scarf anyway. 


SO HOW DO YOU MAKE THIS..... more interesting?



I decided to share with you not only the stunning colours of our newest Winter Scarf collection but also at the same time 5 Easy Ways To Tie Them


Tie 1 - The Tight Tie



Tie 2 - The "Barcelona" - have no idea why it is called this ....



Tie 3 - The Loop and Twist



Tie 4 - The Loop


Tie 5 - The Casual Tuck-Away



Now ladies - please do not fret! I know exactly what you are thinking.... "How do I ACTUALLY tie these scarves. Well .... lucky for you I have created 5 short videos I will be sharing on Facebook and Instagram this coming week for you all to see how easy it actually is. So remember to follow us on our social media pages for more (click to social media icons at the bottom of our website to go to our pages)


And lastly - if you liked any (or all) of these scarves in the above blog - CLICK HERE to shop


Happy Shopping


March 30, 2022 — michelle du plessis

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