Every one of us ladies, or at least 90% of us, have had someone (more often that not a man) say to us "how many handbags does one woman need?". I know I certainly have been asked that more than once. 


Some of you may know this - but Macaroon Collection was born out of my love for bags. At varsity I was always the girl with the weird bag. I had one made out of coke tins and another made from a pair of frayed denim shorts (I wish I had never given that bag away). There was one that was completely see-through and another which was made from this cool milky-looking plastic. And that is just to name a few. As things stand today - I have a crate full of beautiful bags which I treasure - a hand painted leather bag I bought in Dubai, a tartan handbag I bought in Edinburgh and a beautiful white crocodile clutch from South Africa. 


Me with one of my favorite bags.


So yes - bags are my thing!! This week I decided to share with you the 5 bag STYLES I believe every woman should have as part of her basic bag collection.

Hope you enjoy ... and do leave a comment below on what you think is the essential bag you cannot live without. 


No 1. To start off with - Every woman needs a shopper bag.

The size can vary from medium to oversized. That really is your choice based on what you like and feel comfortable with - but a shopper is a must for those days (in fact most days) when you need to carry everything you need for work or to the shops.

How do you know what a shopper bag is? It is essentially a rounded style bag which has shoulder handles long enough to comfortably carry over your shoulder. It is a casual styled handbag that can work for most occasions. It is the perfect allrounder handbag. 


Emmy Milly (smaller version)
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No 2. The structured handbag.

Again this one can vary in size - from your small to medium size totes bags, all the way to your large satchel or laptop sized bags. These bags can be more square or even a barrel design. What makes them structured is the fact that when they are placed down on a table - they stand firm. They do not collapse or fall flat as with some other styles. 

I personally like these to be the small to medium size and enjoy using my Bastille when I want a little more "class" to my look. There is nothing more elegant than a nice outfit complimented with a good looking structured bag. 


 Bastille Casablanca 
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No 3. The cross-body sling bag. 

Now I mention this bag often but that is because it really is an essential bag. If you do not have the cross-body bag yet - get one! And we have quite a few in different sizes and styles to suit your needs. The thing about a cross-body is that it allows you to have your hands free while you shop, run around after the kids, run errands, etc. All while having your essentials and valuables next to your body. I was never a fan of the cross-body.... until I got a cross-body. Now I could not dream of running around without one. 

It must be noted that there are various styles within the broad category of a cross-body - from saddle bags to messenger bags, from postman bags to shoulder bags. Essentially - any bag which has a long sling you can diagonally put ACROSS your body (hence the term cross-body) I classify under this category. 


The Jeanie XL The Dublin
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No 4. The handy clutch bag. 

Now this is a bag you will not use every day - or even every weekend BUT it is a bag you will need from time to time, and I can promise you that when you realise you need it for THAT evening out - it will be too late to quickly get one. 

You can opt for the smaller "carry the essentials" clutch or the slightly larger bag which can still be tucked in under your arm - but either way - this is a bag you will never regret having in your closet. Over the years I have collected various leather clutch bags which range from an envelope styled black clutch, to a soft tan clutch with gold trim from my grandmother. Leather never goes out of fashion. 


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No 5. The Backpack

Now this bag I will be honest in saying that maybe - just maybe - for you as an individual it is not high on your priority list. And if that is so I can fully respect that. But the backpack is unlike any of the styles above and affords you benefits and comfort the other bags do not. Not only is it a hands-free option but you can have a backpack that is big enough to carry a laptop. This bag is also fantastic if you have children or if you are the type who travels a lot. 

To be honest - it is not a bag I personally own at this point in time, but since I have my bases covered with the above 4 styles - I have been pondering lately that if and when the time is right - I will get myself a nice backpack (very possibly when I start planning my next travel adventure). 

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So that is it folks - My suggestions for the must have styles of bags every women needs. So until my next blog .... take care and happy shopping!




March 03, 2022 — michelle du plessis

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