The idea of Athleisure is not new. I remember the first time I heard the term was at the end of 2018 and I distinctly remember myself looking at this lady telling me about "Athleisure" thinking .... "who the heck wears gym clothes all day?"
Well fast forward 3 years and a worldwide lockdown due to a pandemic - and I have to admit that my collection of gym tights now surpasses my jeans collection two-fold. 
At the end of last year I decided to add a range of Activewear to our ROON collection and I must boast in saying that the range has exceeded my expectations. The quality, the comfort and the versatility is mind blowing. And if I have to be honest - I am a pink and grey set away from having one of everything!!!
I thought this week I would share with you all how I suggest styling your activewear so that you too can enjoy these items as part of your everyday wardrobe. These looks come straight out of my wardrobe - so if I can do it.... so can YOU!


Enjoy the read and let me know what you think in the comments below.



Look 1 - Sporty

So this is the obvious and easy one - take your activewear, throw on some fashion sneakers, add a casual jacket (here I wear my ROON Bomber but a denim jacket or hoodie will work too) and you are set. Chic and ready to get the errands for the day done!


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Look 2 - Smart for Work

 Who would have thought to wear your athleisure to work  When you have a quality pair of tights that doesn't go see-through when you bend - you can wear them to work. Why not? Pair it with heels and a formal blouse and you are set. 

What I also realised with this look - is when you have a sheer blouse - a nice sports bra that covers more of your stomach actually works quiet well. While I would not wear THAT to work - it actually is a brilliant look for an evening out! 


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Look 3 - Winter Weekend

 What I am loving with these tights is that the fabric is a LOT thicker. Lovely to gym in BUT amazing to wear every day. The first time I tried these on I thought I would live in them - and I almost have. I have them now in both colours and I just know that when winter hits .... I am going to enjoy them!


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- We do not have leather booties on our website BUT you can get a similar look to these with the UGG Mini Boot - Click here to view 


Look 4 - Night Out

Comfort paired with a leather jacket ... and you have STYLE. And what I love about these tights is that they have pockets! YES POCKETS ..... 

Now I went bold with the pink ones .... but this really is an amazing options instead of always defaulting to jeans. 


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Look 5 - Casual Denim Day

Now who doesn't love a denim dress or shirt... I have 4 - yes FOUR. And I know if I see another one I like .... I will have 5. Now I don't believe in the Texas Tuxedo look (you know.... the denim jeans with the denim top.....) but paired with a nice pair of tights .... this denim look is ALWAYS a winner. 


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- Again no leather boots online BUT I would suggest nice pair of ugg boots with this look - Click here to view the range 


Look 6 - DIY at Home

Now we all have those days where we are at home - just doing those odd jobs that need to be done. And why not do it in comfort with a Sports Bra supporting you all the way. 

This is on of my favorite weekend outfits. And with a fun coloured sports bra - the look just pops!


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That's it folks - my favorite ways to wear my activewear NOT when going to the gym. Hope this gets you to look at your athleisure look a little differently. 

Happy Shopping!

February 16, 2022 — michelle du plessis

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