I Hate to LOVE Winter …. Let me explain


I am 100% a Winter Girl. Do not get me wrong – as a true SA girl I love the lifestyle that comes with summer. Sunset braai time …. Lazy weekends at the pool.... Summer beach holidays…. I love it all. BUT more than half my cupboard space is taken up by my winter wardrobe – I own more coats than I do dresses. And my boot collection can rival the Queen’s collection of crowned jewels (ok maybe not but you get the idea).


Hats …. Scarves… Coats… Boots…. And of course, copious amounts of red wine while enjoying a crackling fire. That is everything I LOVE about Winter.



BUT DO I HATE the fashion in winter. For some strange and unknown reason – the fashion fundi’s of the world always make the winter colours olive, mustard, burnt orange…. All those autumn and winter colours we know so well. And I HATE it …. So I always end up with a winter wardrobe of black, brown, cream, grey and if I am lucky, some Navy.


Well, this year – I am in my happy space. Not sure if you have noticed but this winter is filled with green, pink and blue. Yes, the yellow and orange are there – and your core essentials like caramel and grey are too. But at least we have a season of COLOUR!



Since this all excites me so much. I thought I would share with you my favorite colours for the season and how you can shop these at Macaroon Collection.


Let’s start with the blues ….

There are three stunning blue colours part of this season’s trend forecast. And let me tell you it does not take you asking me twice to wear blue. At Macaroon Collection we have a few blue goodies for you to choose from.


Winter Scarves Hunter Jacket - Navy


And let's not forget the entire collection of Hydro Blue Leather Bags from Antelo - Click here to shop


Pretty in Pink!

While we live in a world where pink can now be worn by both genders – there is still something beautiful about a woman in Pink. As Audrey Hepburn once so famously said “I believe in Pink”.

Here are my favorite picks for Pink from Macaroon Collection:


Pink Winter Scarf Ugg Scuff Slippers - Shell


Shop Everything Pink - Click Here


Oh but that GREEN

So the Cardamom Seed Green reminds me a little of the olive that is standard for a winter wardrobe. But oh my word – am I in love with that Abundant Green! I am desperately seeking a jersey in that colour – so if any of you see one somewhere please do let me know.

We have some green in the collection this winter….


Trendy Loungewear - Olive  Hunter Boot Socks - Olive


Zemp also has a stunning collection of green leather bags and wallets



Click Here to shop Zemp's Green

And then there are the Neutrals

There is something to be said about these colours – understated yet they are beautiful on their own. Tapioca … Quiet Shade and the Iced Coffee. 

Tapioca Inspired Quiet Shade Inspired Iced Coffee Inspired


Antelo's Range of Sand Bags

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From Bags to Shoes to Loungewear - Shop Everything Grey

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Let's not forget the Chestnut colour boots from UGG

Shop Now


Well, that’s it folks – some of you will love the Moten Lava Red, Spicy Mustard and the Meadow Violet Purple…. So go for it. Embrace the COLOUR this winter!


Happy shopping

April 07, 2022 — michelle du plessis

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