It is that time of the year again when everyone is looking for that coveted pair of HUNTER Boots. 

I have been selling these boots since 2016 and I must say that just when I think that everyone got their boots last year - BOOM .... I have a wave of ladies banging down the "door" (to the online store) to buy these boots. Each and Every year without fail. 


This year has been no different - and while it has been a little more challenging due to the split shipments and arrivals of the boots over the last few months, I am so excited that within the next week or two we will be getting the MOST desired boots of all. The ORIGINAL TALL BOOTS!


In honor of the arrival of these babies - I thought I would put together a quick style guide on how to wear your boots this winter. 


Style 1 - The default - BLUE JEANS

Wear them with torn jeans or not - dark or light - old or new .... you cannot go wrong with wearing your Hunter Boots with your jeans. Skinny jeans work best as you can easily slide your legs in and out of the boots while wearing them. 




This look is perfect for a nice casual day - with a sweater or jersey, a scarf, and a beanie .... and you are set to go.


Style 2 - Dress it up for work.

Now depending on the culture at your place of work - you may just be able to pull off wearing your boots to work. Here I would say that the Refined Boots work a little better than the Original .... But then again it comes down to each business's office policies. 



Wear your Refined boots with a nice slim pair of chinos and a blazer .... and you will ROCK this look. 


Style 3 - Wear it like a lady

Style your boots with a pretty winter dress or a skirt and sweater combo. If it's not that cold - ditch the tights but if it is a little cooler, opt for a thicker legging option. 




Just because you are wearing rain boots does not mean you have to only wear pants. 


Style 4 - Go bold or go home

Owing to the fact that rain boots can be FUN to wear - spice up your wardrobe with a colorful pair, or opt for a plain pair and dress like a toddler splashing around in the rain! Either way - these boots allow for the look..... it's not every day we get to tap into our inner child.




Well that's it from me for today - no matter how you look at it, there is always a way to style your boots ..... so just go out there and enjoy them


Till next time
Much Love 
May 25, 2022 — michelle du plessis

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