I have always had a thing for hats... my very first hat I got when I was 9 years old. It was when "Clueless" was at the height of popularity and the floppy hats that were lifted on the one end and pinned with a big flower were all the trend. 

Remember these.....????



I lost mine one weekend when we went to the movies (I cried for the rest of the afternoon). 


Anyway - back to our headbands. A few years back I discovered one of these babies and wore it one day while posting a story on Instagram. There were so many ladies who messaged me to ask me where I got the headband, that I thought "why not sell them on Macaroon Collection?". 

Now, these babies sell like hotcakes .... but I often get ladies asking me how they should wear them. So I thought that in this blog I would share 5 ways I love wearing my headbands....


So let's get into it. 


Style 1 - The high pony



Style 2 - The top bun or messy bun



Style 3 - The braid



Style 4 - The half up - half down


Style 5 - The loose hair


And of course, ladies with short hair can wear these too......



I hope these styles inspire you to try these out. And if you already have one.... I hope it has given you new ideas about how to wear your headbands Remember to follow Macaroon Collection on Instagram - as I will be sharing the "How To" reels over the next few weeks on exactly how to get these styles right.


Shop the headbands online - Click Here

On that note, take care and keep warm


April 26, 2022 — michelle du plessis

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