At Macaroon Collection we believe that expressing your own personality is more important than following trends.... That being said - it doesn't hurt to know what the "fashionistas" are donning on their faces this year. 

I have done a little research - and can proudly say that the trends for 2022 are already available online in our Roon Sunglasses Collection. Our Roon sunnies are affordable enough so that you can enjoy these trends but not break the bank account. 

I also did a little video on my personal IG account while having some fun trying out some of these sunnies - Click here to view 

With that .... let's not waste any more time in getting into the trends....


Trend 1 - Modern Aviators

TOP GUN... we all know the look. In 2022, you cannot go wrong with a pair of Aviators. Be it the classic look or a pair with a bit more of a modern spin. 


We have 2 modern styles of Aviators for you to choose from:

 Sadie Sunnies Shay Sunnies


Shop The Aviator Trend Now


Trend 2 - The Bigger The Better

This trend has its cycles - it comes and it goes every few years. For me - I have always LOVED the oversized look. 


If this is your style....The Roon Savanah Sunnies are for you :

Shop The Oversized Trend Now


Trend 3 - The Cat's Eyes

Embrace your inner ’50s diva with this style of sunnies. These trending sunglasses for 2022 are a party-favourite.

 We have two sunglasses that will make you happy if this is your look

- the larger and rounder Cat's Eye

Stella - the more classic look


 Click the images above to shop your preferred Cat's Eye Sunnies 


Trend 4 - You can see straight through these

The easy-to-style transparent sunglasses and the next hot trend for 2022. 


Ee have so many of our sunnies that fit this trend but our favorite has to be the Sienna. Not only does she have the gorgeous transparent lenses but her no-frame design adds to the allure. She comes in three stunning colour options. 



Shop all out Transparent Sunnies HERE


Trend 5 - Go Wild

From Tortoise to Leopard print .... and even if you dare a little Snake Skin print. With this trend you can let your inner beast out. 



Again we have a few styles that have some animal print in them. The Stella and Skyler are fan favourites as well as a few of the SOEK sunglasses. But our pick for this trend will be the Sophie....

Get yourself a pair now - Click Here 


And that's it folks - the 5 Sunglasses trends we just love for 2022. 
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January 20, 2022 — michelle du plessis

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