My Granny was Italian. Born in the early 1900s, you can just imagine the beautiful shoes she wore as a young woman in the 1920s and beyond. 


As a little girl I recall her saying (on more than one occasion) - "Invest in your shoes because while you can replace your soles, your feet you cannot replace". 

And this statement has always been at the back of my mind when buying shoes. That is why, at Macaroon Collection, we sell only the BEST shoe brands. 

I decided for this weeks blog to set out the 5 shoe types every woman needs to have in her closet. Do let me know what you think in the comment section below.


Uno (#1)

Every woman needs a good pair of WORK shoes. Now in my 20s I loved my heels, but now days (and due to working at home during Covid) I am more inclined towards a good pair of leather flats for work.

FitFlop has 3 beautiful leather flats options - so depending on your style - there is a work shoe for you.

Allegro Lena Adeola
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They are all available in a range of leather colour options.


Due (#2)

Part of keeping healthy is to keep moving. I am not saying that you have to run 10kms every day but a nice walk around the block doesn't hurt. FitFlop has a range of fitness sneakers launching very soon BUT their Uberknits and Rally Sneakers have amazing technology (in the soles of the shoes) that make them so comfortable for the days you know you will be spending time on your feet. 


The fact is - these sneakers are also extremely chic! And I promise you, once you have worn a pair of these.... you will never wear anything else. 


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Tre (#3)

Chic Casual Comfort - so on the days where you are not at work BUT you don't want sneakers, you need something in-between. The Siren Espadrilles are my go to for these days. And yes, if you have to ask - I have one in each colour (Silver and Rose Gold).

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Quattro (#4)

We all have the need for a good pair of flip flops .... Try this for a tongue twister - the FITFLOP FLIPFLOPS are a MUST. Yes you can buy a cheaper pair of flipflops elsewhere but I promise you they are not as comfortable or good for your feet. 


And the best part is they are available in a range of colours. Be it around the house, or a weekend away at the beach. Everyone needs at least one pair of these.

Cinque (#5)

Last but not least - we need a little FUN in the wardrobe. While these are not FitFlop .... we have to "wedge" a pair of UGGs into the mix.  
And that's it folks - my 5 Must Have shoes!!!
Keep an eye out for the launch of the new FitFlop Sneakers. We will send out an email to everyone as soon as they land. 
Happy Thursday
Michelle D
January 27, 2022 — michelle du plessis


Carla B said:

Hi Michelle B,

Thanks for this blog, I am a huge Fitflop fan….LOVE IQUSHIONS. For those who can’t wear flat flats, these are perfect.

I am looking at investing in your other 4 faves

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