If you had told me 5 years ago that I would wear sneakers almost every day - I would have laughed at you and told you that you are completely off your rockers. BUT ..... This Gal is now a Sneaker Lover all the way. 

The 2022 FitFlop shipment of sneakers have all finally arrived (and I have a surprise coming for all of you in July which I cannot wait to share with you all - wink wink). So I thought I would do a little write-up on the 2022 SNEAKER TRENDS.


So here are my favorite 5 trends for this year


Trend1 - Knits

Knit sneakers have been around for a while but it was mostly your sports sneakers that had this knit-fabric composition. Now, they are available in most of your fashion styles too.

What makes these knits so amazing is that not only do you just pull these babies on and off, but they are super breathable and great for both summer and winter. 

Both FitFlop and UGG have knit sneakers in this season's collection.  


FitFlop Rally UGG Dinale

Available in 4 Colours

Shop Now - Click Here

Available in 3 Colours

Shop Now - Click Here


Trend 2 - Eco Friendly - Canvas

Canvas is the new alternative to leather. Not only is it a lot more affordable BUT with the focus of the fashion world shifting towards more sustainable fashion solutions, canvas is the hottest new trend - not only with sneakers but across all fashion-related categories. 

We have the well-loved Rally style, that was always available in leather - now also available in canvas. 

Available in Grey and Navy. Shop now - Click Here

p.s. these are great for your Vegans too :)


Trend 3 - Velcro

When we think of Velcro sneakers, we will all think back to the 80s and 90s when we wore our kids' sneakers with the Velcro straps. Well, ladies - the Velcro is not here for those who cannot tie their laces. The Velcro is now a TREND. Yes, I said it ... a trend!



Available in black and White - Shop Now - Click Here 


Trend 4 - Back to Basics - White (with a twist)

The classic white sneaker will always be that - CLASSIC. But this season we add a little something-something. Be it a side detail or a back tab - be it animal print or a bold colour ..... look for white sneakers with a subtle difference. 


My favorite has to be the touch of animal print....

 Shop Now - Click Here


Trend 5 - The Shine 

Now, this trend I am loving. Be it a metallic sneaker (like gold or silver) or a sneaker with some awesome glitter or sequence detail - the more shine the better. And this is where I have the exciting news....

You are going to have to wait for me to reveal this a little later on in July - BUT - believe me when I say.... I let out a little squeal (and a little dance) every time I look at the order booklet. Stay tuned! This one you will all love. 

But until then - this is kinda what the trend is all about.... 

All Shoes – Holster Fashion South Africa


On that note - hope you are all keeping warm. And remember to shop online at Macaroon Collection for all your sneaker wants and needs. 


Happy Shopping


June 23, 2022 — michelle du plessis

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