So if I told you I have been wearing leg warmers since 2010 you would probably look at me a little funny ....BUT I discovered the amazing warmth these simplistic accessories provide UNDER one's boots while running around in London in December of 2010.


Now when we think leg warmers - we think 80s ..... lycra unitards, big hair and shoulder pads. 



So let me just place the following on record - unitards, big hair and shoulder pads must forever and always remain in the past. While Cher has had a good career for a few decades - even she left this look in the past.


BUT leg warmers....Now those you should have a few pairs to wear every winter.  

If you are still not sure, let me show you how you too can enjoy these babies


Style 1 - Under the Tall Boots

You can keep them flat or scrunch them a little - but by wearing them under your tall boots you not only 1) keep your legs a little warmer but 2) make those booties fit just a little snugger. 

They are also a great way to extend the length of your boots.  



Style 2 - Wear them with your Ankle Boots

Now here the look it is not just about the detail but it also allows you to enjoy your ankle boots on those days which are normally just too cold to wear them. 



Pull them down over the ankles and extend the look of your booties - and keep warm. 



And in case you were wondering - this look with heeled pumps/court shoes also works quite well. 


Style 3 - With your Sneakers 

Now here I have had a funny look or two thrown my way when I have mentioned this to a client. And honestly is does take a certain style and personality to pull it of. BUT if this is your style - why not!


Wear this look with jeans as casual-chic, or with a skirt to add some punk-rock flair, or even with your athleisure. 



Style 4 - With your Vellies

Now listen - I know most folks who like vellies will think I have gone off the rockers with this one. But why not? I think it looks pretty cool. Judge for yourself....



Style 5 - Casually at home

If you are not quite convinced that leg warmers should be worn out in public, then I cannot argue with you. But, that does not stop you from enjoying them at home while watching Netflix over the weekend. It just adds that little extra warmth on a chilly day.



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Happy Shopping Lovelies

Keep Warm


July 21, 2022 — michelle du plessis

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