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It is not often that I write a letter to you – and I must say that I really should strive to do it more often. But as life would have it, there is just not enough time in a day to do everything one wants to do. And so, due to this very fact that I need some help with Macaroon Collection – I am so happy to (re)introduce Tayla to you all.



Tayla is, by far, not a new face to Macaroon Collection. She came to us in 2021 as an intern and then became our marketing coordinator. Since then, Tayla spread her wings to pursue some other opportunities but has always been there to assist me in times when I needed an extra hand on a project (or when I went on holiday – wink wink).


I am so thrilled to announce that Tayla is now back in the permanent role of Marketing & Administration Assistant. Tayla will now be the go-to person for all customer queries such as product inquiries, follows up on order details, and any other queries you may have about your shopping experience with us. You can reach her by phone or WhatsApp at 082-822-9628 or by emailing shop@macarooncollection.co.za


So, on that note – WELCOME Tayla! I know I am excited to have you with the team full time and I know all our loyal fans, followers and friends will enjoy working with you as much as I have.


Much Love


Since Tayla is back – we asked her which of Macaroon Collection’s range would be her top 4 Favourite Picks. And these are what she picked.


Pick 1: Hunter Commando Chelsea in Black Pick 2: Zemp Poppy Leather Handbag (in Waxy Brown)
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* *
Pick 3: Antelo Suede Mini Bucket Crossbody Bag in Cider  Pick 4: UGG Mini Bailey Bow in Chestnut
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July 13, 2023 — michelle du plessis

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