We have all been (or beanie) there …. You love the look, you have the beanie … but you put it on and just think "HELL NO – this isn’t working". So I thought I would write a blog about how to wear a beanie this winter.


Now, when I start a blog – I always like to google the topic I want to blog about so that I can see what is out there on the topic and try a different approach. So in researching “how to wear a beanie” I was totally fascinated by the fact that there is a MASTER CLASS Article on this topic. OMG!!!


Clearly, this is something a lot of people wonder about.


The reason I wanted to write this blog is that I so often hear people say “but a beanie (or hat) just does not work on me. I say NONSENSE…. There is a beanie (and hat) for every person. You just need to find what works for you and how to wear it properly ….


But before I get into the ways to wear/style your beanie this winter … I just have to share with you that in the Master Class Article, they go so far as defining the different types of beanies. Apparently, there are 6 types of beanies:


  1. Cuffed beanie: These knit caps feature a brimmed cuff. The wearer can fold the cover their ears for extra warmth.
  2. Cuffless beanie: Some people also call cuffless beanies, which are tight-fitting, skullcaps.
  3. Earflap beanie: An earflap beanie features extra fabric that extends over the ears for additional coverage. The earflaps often feature a fleece lining.
  4. Novelty beanie: These beanies feature logos or slogans. Novelty beanies are popular in street style and streetwear and can make a bold fashion statement.
  5. Pom-pom beanie: Also known as bobble hats or bobble beanies, pom-pom beanies, a have a fur or knit pom-pom or bobble attached to the top.
  6. Slouchy beanie: Beanies with extra material at the top are known as high-top beanies, slouch beanies, or hipster beanies. These loose-fitting beanies sit at the top of the wearer’s ears.


Source: https://www.masterclass.com/articles/how-to-wear-a-beanie


Now that we have THAT covered, let’s look at how to wear your beanie. I have decided to make 5 style suggestions on this topic.


Style 1 – The Classic Way (with your hair loose and down)



Style 2 – The French or Fish Braid



Style 3 – The Pig-Tail Braids


Style 4 – The Pony Tail Beanie 


Style 5 – The Messy Bun



These are 5 really easy ways to style your beanie this winter and with our selection of stunning beanies (and headbands) you have no need to have cold ears this winter.


Happy shopping
May 09, 2023 — michelle du plessis

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