And just like that we are well into December - and we are all counting down the days until we can pack our bags and head off on our much anticipated and deserved holiday. Be it a beach vacation, a wilderness exploration or an international adventure - we have a range of beautiful leather bags and vanities you will enjoy using this holiday. 


Number 1 - you need something to pack your hand luggage into. 

Oliver (left) and his smaller brother Murray (right) are beautifully crafted leather bags that every guy and girl needs when travelling in style. 

Choose from a variety of leather colours. 

Shop Oliver - Click Here Shop Murray - Click Here 


Number 2 - everyone needs a vanity

There are two options for you here. Firstly the Will vanity bag, which you can match to your travel bag or if you are the type of person that travels lighter in life, the Alex is the perfect solution for you. 

Choose from a variety of leather colours.

Shop Will - Click Here Shop Alex - Click Here 


Number 3 - The Backpack

The perfect travel companion is a blog backpack. You keep everything you need close to you while always having your hands free. It is great when travelling by air and once at your destination it makes the perfect day bag to carry not just your wallet but those travel essentials like guide books, water bottles and more. 

The Siana (left) and Henry (right) are available in all the Antelo leather colours.

Shop Sianna - Click Here Shop Henry - Click Here 


Number 4 - Small pouch for the bits and bobs

We all have those small goodies that just never have a bag and always laying around. Well no more, be it your manicure kit or your tech cables, keep it all organsied with either the Asher (left) or Cruz (right)

Shop Asher - Click Here Shop Cruz - Click Here


Number 5 - Luggage tags and passport covers

Last but not least - the small accessories. Who doesn't like to match their entire travel set down to the smallest detail. Again - available in a variety of leather colours

Shop Passport Covers - Click Here

Shop Luggage Tags - Click Here

Shop Keyrings - Click Here


So with that being said - I hope you are all set for your travels this summer. And even if you are just going to "Romain-Here" ... I wish you the best summer holiday you can imagine

Stay blessed


December 06, 2022 — michelle du plessis

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