12 Weeks to Christmas 
Wait. What? 12 Weeks to Christmas? 

Being a December baby I just LOVE the Festive season - but we all know how overwhelming the end of the year gets with exams, year-end functions, holiday preparations AND THEN Christmas shopping.
No need to panic - we have prepared a gift guide countdown to ease you into the Christmas shopping silly season. We have 12 weeks of gift ideas coming your way. So there is nothing more to say other than.....
Happy Shopping

Week 1: Wallets

Click any of the images below to shop the specific wallet designs.
All wallets are available in a variety of stunning leather colours.

First up we have the Haley - The best selling wallet for 2023
Shop Hayley Now - Click Here
Then we have a variety of other styles - The Dreamer, The Evie, The Ayo, The Jill and The Ozzie 
Shop Dreamer - Click Here
Shop Evie - Click Here
Shop Ayo - Click Here
Shop Jill - Click Here
Shop Ozzie - Click Here 
September 30, 2023 — Tayla Jonker

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