As the saying goes – “All GOOD things must come to an end” 12 years ago,


I started the Macaroon Collection in the pursuit of a dream. Since I was a teen in high school I always wanted to sell stuff – and when my passion for fashion collided with retail ….. Macaroon Collection was born.

The last 12 years have taught me so much – personally and professionally. When I started MC, online selling was not a thing. And when I would tell people I have an online store they would always (without fail) respond with “…. And you make money like that?”. I would answer with a little laugh, “Well I am trying to”. LOL .

Slowly I built the business, doing markets and “handbag parties” at the homes of friends – P.S. Thank you to those friends who supported me back then and support me still. I love you and am eternally grateful for all the support over the years. Without you, the journey would not have been the same. You all taught me that a woman’s greatest asset in life is the people who love her and support her.

Then came my short-lived stint as the owner of a Bricks-and-Mortar store. Anyone who has ever asked me about this experience has gotten the same response – It was the worst 16 months of my life. I hated every minute of having that store. While the idea is so romantic …. It is a total sh1t show! Those 16 months taught me the definition of anxiety and perseverance. If anyone is wondering if they should open up a shop – DON’T DO IT!!!!

Then came the era of going Back to Basics – In 2019, I moved MC back home and converted my garage into a little storeroom/showroom. This was the best decision I could have ever made – as when Covid hit in 2020, I was so thankful to not have a store to worry about. There were two things I learned during this time – the first was that everything, and I do mean EVERYTHING, happens for a reason. And my decision to throw in the towel with a physical store in 2019 ended up being our saving grace during the two years of lockdown that followed. The second lesson I learned was that the most valuable clients any business could have are clients like YOU! The clients who support small businesses. The clients who came back time and time again. The clients who made online purchases at the start of lockdown not knowing if we could deliver in 2 weeks or 10 weeks – just all waiting for the lockdown (and the stupid courier laws that were put into place) to be over. You all helped MC get through 2020 and 2021 and I will always be grateful for that.

Now a new time has come for MC and Michelle D. While I have experienced the great honour of the fulfilment of a dream, I now must see the end of a beautiful story. It is a decision I have not made lightly, and while I did try to sell MC at some point in 2023, I could just not find the right match and so, it is with a heavy heart, but a grateful soul, that I announce the FINAL CURTAIN CALL for Macaroon Collection.

January 2024 will be the last month of trade for MC. We will “close our doors” on January 24th and bid farewell to the world of fashion and e-commerce. We have a whole bunch of stock that is still for sale, and it is marked down to prices that are either cost or lower than cost price. I hope that as loyal customers – you will take the opportunity to give these beautiful accessories, bags, and shoes a good home and a chance to be enjoyed.


From the bottom of my heart – THANK YOU – for allowing me to pursue my dream and for supporting Macaroon Collection for 12 years. This is a chapter of my life I will always treasure.


All My Love

January 08, 2024 — michelle du plessis

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