Vanilla is normally associated with the yummy idea of ice cream or cake …. Or dessert in general. But in 2023, Vanilla is not just not a food, but actually the “flavour of the season”.



I thought that in today’s blog, I would highlight my favourite colour combinations with this beautifully neutral yet striking colour.


Combination 1 – Be Vanilla

Wear vanilla from head to toe. Break it with a different colour shoe or bag but the idea is to keep it monotone.



Combination 2 –The Stark Contrast

Vanilla and Black …. It is striking and classy.



Combination 3 – Keep it Neutral

Keeping it neutral but away from the monotone – combine your vanilla with a beige or soft grey.



Combination 4 – Casual Chic

This is my favourite look – it is perfect for that casual “effortless” weekend look.





Combination 5 – “Ice cream …. You scream…..”

Inspired by the colour of the ice-cream sugar cone …. Wear your vanilla with a beautiful camel, cider or tan.



So with that in mind – you can easily include Vanilla into your wardrobe this season with a stunning bag from Antelo in their NEW Vanilla Frappe colour. This new leather colour is available in all their top-selling handbags, sling bags, pouches and wallet.



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Happy Shopping

June 14, 2023 — michelle du plessis

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