Confession Session – I don’t own a single piece of red clothing (or accessories, or shoes, or bags or anything…..). RED does simply not come near to my body! I tried red dish cloths in my kitchen once – it didn’t work.

I owe my aversion to red to my personality – people who know me know I am a “loud” personality – not necessarily in volume (it can be the case at times) but in essence, I am a “handful”. So…. take all that “personality” and package it in RED and it feels like I am running around like a traffic cone.  

Basically, something like this ….


All jokes aside – RED is a beautiful colour.

The trick is to find the RIGHT RED for your skin tone and then style it correctly. It took me many (many) trips to the shops to find the perfect shade of RED lipstick … so there is hope for us all.


Let’s start with choosing your RED

The brighter shades of RED are more dominant and can be seen as more aggressive. Subtler shades such as softer or deeper REDS are powerful, but without the “angry” appearance they can provoke.


Choose a shade of RED that compliments your skin tone. If you have olive or darker skin, you’ll look great in an orangey red, like coral or tangerine. If you have a fair complexion, look for slightly pinker reds, such as ruby red or berry red. If your skin is a medium shade, you will probably look good in most shades.


If you have cool, light and bright colouring – then look for a brighter, cool undertone red (a more pinkish red). If you have a darker, warm undertone colouring – then look for a deeper, warm undertone (brick red) that is softer and greyed down.

If you notice that your skin looks particularly good in a shade of red, you’ve probably found your best colour match.

And remember that there are more than enough shades and options to choose from. This is not a “one colour fits all” situation.


So how to wear RED…


Option 1 – Head-To-Toe

This is for the bold individual, and you need not even do the RED in the same tone. You can mix and match between the tones to create a truly “outstanding” outfit.


The easiest for this option is of course a stunning little RED number for an event or party.



Option 2 – One item of clothing in the outfit

This one is the easiest – be it pants, a skirt or a nice blouse, you can mix and match your RED item with other clothing pieces and colours. The safest of course is to mix and match with white, black and denim.


Option 3 – SHOES

I might be wrong in saying this – but I firmly believe that it was Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz that was the original trendsetter for this look….


Wear the shoes to match a RED item of clothing or a bag … or just wear them as the BOLD item to make the outfit pop. This truly is a way to make a statement.


Option 4 – The Bag

This option is easy – because it is your handbag, there is no written rule that it has to “match” your outfit. Wear what you want – and just GO WITH IT!



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Smart or casual, daywear or for an evening out …. a RED bag works.




Option 5 – Subtle accessories

If you like the colour RED, but you just do not relish the idea of big, bold clothing pieces … then opt for RED as accessories. These will make any outfit pop but won’t jump out and make a bold statement as in the case of a RED jacket or pants.

Think earrings… scarf… bracelets… necklace…




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So ladies – in this month of LOVE – let RED guide you to a bolder style choice.
Happy Shopping
February 08, 2023 — michelle du plessis

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