So I will be totally honest in saying that if you asked me a year ago what a TWILLY was I would have replied ... "a what?"

Funny thing is - that I have seen the Twilly styled over and over again on Gossip Girl but never actually knew what is was called. To me it was just a "head scarf" or "neck tie".

So What Exactly Is A Twilly?

The Twilly gets its name from the word "twill", a weaving technique used for soft, flowy fabrics.

The twilly is a long and narrow scarf. It can be incredibly versatile. People use it as a hair accessory, neck scarf, bag charm, and more. Small, but colorful, a twilly can easily work with any outfit.

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So now that we all understand what this little piece of fabric is .... let us be clear - 2022 has thrust the TWILLY into fashion spotlight - and so.... I have decided to play around a bit and show you all how easy - and FUN - it is to wear a Twilly. 


Here are 6 easy ways to STYLE your Twilly as a HAIR ACCESSORY


Style 1 - as a head band


Style 2 - a bow (or juts a knot) around your pony



Style 3 - wrap around your top knot


Style 4 - or your low bun


Style 5 - half up / half down



Style 6 - something different with a French braide



I have made some reels / video on how to do these easy hair styles and will be posting them on Instagram over the next few weeks.


 If you liked any of these Twillys and would like a few for yourself - you can shop online - Click Here


Happy Twilling Lovelies


October 17, 2022 — michelle du plessis

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