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I am just going to come out and admit it… I am a handbag person! Some like shoes, others like earrings. I love handbags.  I believe that a handbag is an extension of who you are and should reflect your personal style.


Here are some things to consider when choosing the perfect handbag


Size Matters

Your most flattering handbag will be in proportion to your physical size. If you are petite, a smaller bag will suit you best.

I love the Antelo Maxie Petite for petite ladies. It is absolutely gorgeous and comes in the most beautiful colours.


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If you have larger or longer proportions, you can get away with something bigger, like Antelo’s Emmy bag.


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When using a larger bag, I like keeping my phone and cards in something smaller that’s handy to grab and run when I have to pop in at the store. I recommend something like the Asher wristlet from Antelo. They are available in a range of vibrant colours, as well as neutrals.



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If you have a medium-sized body, you can get away with smaller or bigger bags, but it is safest to stick to the mid-range sizes.  I am a huge fan of the Paris bag from Zemp. It was my one and only go-to bag for 4 years while my three children were little.


It looks compact, but takes a whole lot!  It will fit all of your regular essentials, plus your diary/tablet, sunglasses, etc. I would throw a couple of nappies, a bottle of formula milk, and a small packet of wipes in there on quick outings. It really is amazing. And it is available in 4 beautiful classic colours - black, chestnut, waxy tan and waxy brown


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Fabric and Texture


If you prefer something sparkly, it would be best to go for patent leather with a high gloss finish, or a shiny synthetic finish. You can even go for a bag with some sequins, blingy details, or larger clasps.


If you’re more of a Plain Jane and prefer something less flashy, a plain leather finish will suit you perfectly.


Look at the gorgeous texture of this Audrey bag from Zemp.  It’s the ultimate timeless, understated elegance.



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Your lifestyle will determine the perfect handbag choice. If you work outdoors, something sturdy and of high quality will be an excellent choice. The Venice handbag from Zemp will be a perfect fit.



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If you carry a laptop, I recommend something like the Colby laptop bag from Antelo.  It’s gorgeous - sleek and minimalist. Or opt for the Zemp Supernova 15” laptop bag for that classic workwear look.

Antelo Colby Zemp Supernova
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If you’re a mom on the run, definitely consider the Zemp Paris.  As mentioned above, it has enough room for all of your essentials, plus some extras. If you are looking for something less structured but in a similar design and size - consider the Zemp Bastille.


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And for a stylish office bag, the Florida from Louenhide in neutral navy blue is just what you need.



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Add Some Personality


I love how you can personalise your handbag by adding a scarf.  Tie a knot, fold a rose, make a bow….the possibilities are endless! Here are some great ideas from Google.





Shop your Twilley scarves from Macaroon Collection HERE

Macaroon Collection has a beautiful range of handbags for every taste and preference, and with Pay Just Now, you are able to buy a quality handbag over 3 interest-free installments.


Happy Shopping


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February 15, 2023 — michelle du plessis

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