10 Trends you didn’t see coming in 2023


To be perfectly honest – I have not been in the shops much in the last 2 months. I did one quick Sunday morning in Woolworths to get some winter basics but literarily ran in at 8h30 and ran out again at 9 before there were too many people….. To think the same person who was the biggest mall rat as a teen/student is now the person who avoids the mall at all costs???


Anyway – back to my blog today – I must say that when I did decide to grab a Starbucks and amble through the mall this past weekend, I was pleasantly surprised (possibly even shocked and in some cases traumatized) at some of the trends that are …. BACK to HAUNT us…..


That being said – there are also a few stunning trends that really get me excited for Winter. So I thought I would do a quick article on my 5 most HATED … and 5 most LOVED trends for 2023.


Let’s start with the Most Hated …


1. Colour Blocking

Ok, so this one we all saw coming since last year – but it is here to stay for 2023 and I just don’t get it!? I have seen some styled images on Pinterest that make me think… “oooooo---kaaaay” but in all honesty, I do not get the appeal of walking around as if you stepped out of a child’s colouring-in book.


While it may have worked for Ross and Chandler in the 80s – I do think this is a trend that should have remained in the 80s.

2. Oversized Clothing

On the subject of Ross and Chandler – less us also just talk about another trend that should have never been brought back …..



The oversized shirt and jacket trend has morphed into oversized, long sleeves. These looks give new meaning to “rolling up your sleeves” because you will certainly need to when you wear them. On the positive side, these sleeves are a good excuse to get out of house cleaning.



3.Sheer Fabrics

There really is nothing to discuss here … I am just going to say NO to this. 


Admittedly – the idea of the back street boys in sheer outfits is a bit traumatizing. But even for women’s wear, this is just a Sheerly Dumb idea.


4. The “Revenge” Heel

Why? I ask you? Why? We moved away from these to better options like the wedge or the block heel. So much more comfortable and they still look beautiful. Why oh why…..???

And to add to that – even if you do find a respectable heel – your only option is the “Liewe Heksie” pointed toe. Those things are EVIL – pure EVIL – and just scrunch your toes up in ways they do not deserve.









Needless to say – I am not impressed and am desperately hoping that next season will bring with it a way for better shoes for the soul … and sole.


And finally…..

5. Crocs

Crocs owe it to Tom Hardy for making this look cool again …. But will it last? Me thinks NOT.




Right – now that I have put all my nasty comments out there (sorry if any offense has been given or taken), let’s get into the NICE trends. The trends that make me all excited about having a career in this amazing world of fashion.


1. Hounds Tooth

Nothing says “old school style” like Houndstooth. This is definitely not a new trend, and it is a trend that will forever be in the repeat cycle of fashion trends.

Be it a blazer, a skirt, a scarf or a handbag ….. This print is STUNNING for winter.



And this year the trend is breaking away from the traditional black and white into a range of beautiful colours.



2. White Tank Tops

Going back to the basics (and the 90s) with this look. Wear it casually, wear it formally, wear it with jeans, a skirt, or work pants….. this is a MUST-HAVE in your wardrobe this year.


3.Sparkly knitwear

No need to wait for the year-end festivities to break out the sequins. This year is all about adding a little sparkle to wherever you go ….

Be it an embellished detail, a woven-in metallic thread, or the entire jersey detailed with shiny stuff, put your best foot forward and SHINE.  




4. Blazers

With this trend, there is no limit to the look …. As long as it is a Blazer you are “on-trend”.

Be it a short-cropped blazer, a longer oversized blazer, or a tailored blazer. Your options are endless. You can opt for classic neutrals or go way out on colours and prints. Wear it with suit pants, jeans, a skirt, or even sweatpants. …. Basically – you can do no wrong with a Blazer in 2023.





5. Cargo pants – with a twist

Cargo pants were a thing in the early 2000s. I remember rocking them at varsity – more specifically, the camo print cargo pants look. Inspired of course by the host of celebrities who rocked this look too …. From J-Lo to Christina to Destiny’s Child.






If you have paid any attention when shopping, you will see that these pants are back – everywhere! While I am not a fan of oversized cargo pants, I do like the fact that this trend has catered to a variety of pants styles. From skinny jeans to the oversized look …. Slap a few pockets on the side and you have The Cargo Pants for 2023.



So with that …. I hope you have enjoyed reading this blog as much as I have enjoyed writing it. I have always found it fascinating to see how fashion trends of years past come back “in fashion” but I will be honest that this year is the first time that the trends from the ’90s and 2000s have come back to our wardrobes bring with it fond (and not so fond) memories of my teen years…


So until my next blog….

Be Bold, be Blessed, Be Brave.


April 10, 2023 — michelle du plessis

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