I am not sure about you – but I like a new bag for summer. It’s almost like shedding that drab winter feeling and starting fresh with the new season.

I know …. I know …. I do have the upper hand because I have a storeroom FULL of options to choose from every summer BUT that is why I thought I would share with you my top 5 things I always consider when buying a new bag for the summer.



The most important consideration is to have a look at what you currently have in your collection. Consider size, colour and style. If you have a lot of oversized tote bags – consider a smaller sling bag. If you have sling bags but no evening clutch – consider a bag that has a detachable sling that can double as a sling by day and a clutch by night.

The Jeanie and Jeanie XL by Antelo is PERFECT for this.


Jeanie Jeanie XL

Available in various colours

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Available in various colours

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Summer versus Winter colouring is something to consider. Black and dark brown are colours for winter. So, if you do not have a tan or light brown bag consider this first. Summer also allows you to go for a nude-coloured bag.


Zemp has a beautiful Waxy Tan leather which I swear by for summer.

Shop the Paddington (see here) - click here

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And Antelo had a Sand colour leather which is on point if you want a nude-coloured bag.

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Sling or Tote …..

Again, you need to assess your current collection and identify what your needs are but for summer the ideal would be a bag that can do both. To be able to detach a cross-body sling and use a bag as a mini tote or….. vice versa you can add the sling when you need your hands free for the day. This is a MUST-HAVE trait for a summer bag.


My favourite go-to for this bag option is either the Zemp Bastille or the Zemp Paris. They are pretty much the same bag – The Bastille has the raw leather finish inside while the Paris has the lining. But I love my Bastille and it works so well.

Zemp Bastille Zemp Paris

Available in various colours

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Available in various colours

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As ladies we can sometimes overlook the practical elements of a bag in the name of “trendy” or “in fashion” – and I am not one to judge anyone for this. I always look at the PRETTY first and very often suffer the consequences later. However (and thankfully), with age comes wisdom and with that, I always **ALWAYS** consider the weight of a bag. The last thing you need is to lug a heavy bag around with you, especially if it is a sling bag. There is nothing worse than a sling that is cutting into your shoulder or a strap that is hurting your hand as you carry it.

Leather bags do not have to be heavy – what makes a bag heavy is the lining and the hardware. Remember – the more decorative elements (hooks, buckles, chains, etc.) a bag has, the heavier it becomes. So opt for sleek, simple and lightweight,


Antelo is designed with this concept in mind. The sleek and simplistic designs of the entire range allows you to have a beautiful bag that is not heavy from the onset.


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Be BOLD. This summer is all about COLOUR – so if you have your bases covered with your essential bags, why not opt for something that is a little more out there? After all – you only live once!



We have a range of Red, Yellow, Hydro Blue and Aqua Sky leather bags that will make your summer outfit pop!


I really hope that these tips have offered you some food for thought when selecting your new summer bag for 2022.
Happy Shopping



September 26, 2022 — michelle du plessis

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