Growing up, to me a woman had a HANDBAG. That big thing that your mother or grandmother carried that housed everything from the money to the tissues; and on occasion plasters as well as the endless supply superC's.

So when it was time for me to "get a grown-up handbag" - I defaulted to that which I knew. The bag with the two handles that you carry over your shoulder. 

It was only when I started selling bags that I was introduced to the concept of a CROSS-BODY bag. And in all honestly I only got my first cross-body bag in 2013.... (more details on that below). 

This week - I decided that I would list the 5 types of cross-body bags every woman should have - regardless of if you like the Big and Bulky tote bag. Just to note, that for ease of reference, I am counting down the styles from smallest to largest - not most important to least, as I do believe you need ALL FIVE! 


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Number 1

Staring at the most compact - this type of sling basically carries your life essentials - the PHONE and the MONEY. This is perfect if you are off to the gym, a browse through a farmers market, or a walk with the dogs. 


We have two bags that fulfill this criteria - The Alfi and Benji. Depending on your personal preference, these two are equally stunning.

Alfi Benji
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Number 2

Here we have the cross-body bag that has the detachable strap which, when removed, converts the bag from a sling to a CLUTCH. These are ideal, by day you use them as your normal bag and the when you need to go out at night or to a formal event, you do not need to repack your bag but simply remove the sling and you have a clutch. 

Again - at Macaroon Collection we like to give you choices - we have two bags that meet this criteria perfectly. 


The Ibiza The Jeanie
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 Number 3

Here we have the TRAVEL bag. Every woman needs that bag that is her travel companion. This I realised in 2013 when I spent 28 days exploring Ireland and Scotland. To this day - I have my travel cross-body bag packed in my big luggage bag. And no matter where and when I travel again.... That cross-body will be going with me.

Be it a weekend away or an epic trip across Europe - you need that bag that carries all the essentials and allows you to explore the world hands free. And this bag is also great for festivals and markets. Not to mention, they are also great Mommy "hands free" bags. 

Here the best solution for you is either the Orlando or the Boston.  

The Orlando The Boston
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Number 4

The grab-and-go carry tote with a detachable sling. I have one of these (The Bastille) and I must say it is perfect. On those day you want to be a little fancier with a carry tote BUT then when you need your hands free for the grocery shopping you can add your sling and off you go! 

With this bag we again have two options for you. The boxier Bastille or the slightly curvier Zazi. 

The Bastille  The Zazi
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Number 5

Last but not least .... we have the medium to large shoulder bag which has the detachable sling. This bag is perfect for those days where you need to carry everything PLUS the kitchen sink. And when you need it you can add the sling to make life a little easier. 

What is nice about these bags is that if you are not using the sling function - it actually doubles up quiet nicely as a normal everyday handbag. So you really do get the best of both worlds. 

Here I really only have ONE recommendation - The Josie. This new design was launched at the end of 2021 and has been selling so well. It really was one of the best selling Christmas gifts from last year. 



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That's it from me this week. Have a fantastic week lovelies
February 03, 2022 — michelle du plessis

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