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Sneakers are trusty wardrobe staples for those of us who are always on the run from one thing to the next.  Styling them without looking frumpy can be tricky, however.  You want to create an effortlessly casual, cool, and chic look. Here are some looks worth stealing this summer. 

Look 1 - Sporty-casual (athleisure) 


This look is perfect for those of us with a natural, comfortable style personality. Create a refined look by tucking in your top, adding a jacket over the shoulders (or tied around the waist) and don't forget to wear accessories. Casual does not mean sloppy and putting a little effort into your hair goes a long way - even if it's a messy bun!

These classic white velcro sneakers will compliment this look very well:


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Look 2 - Casual-chic


This style is ideal for those of us with a more classic, elegant style personality. Think of Princess Catherine's casual outfits - very classy! Pull off this look by adding a blazer, a button-down shirt, high-end accessories, and a polished hairstyle.

These sneakers with the touch of leopard print are perfect for this look:


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Look 3 - Girly-casual


This is probably my favourite! There is nothing like a gorgeous summer dress or feminine skirt with a pair of sneakers. Wear this look with feminine accessories and lipgloss for an effortless romantic style. 

I particularly love these sneakers by Holster for a softer, more feminine touch: 


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My top 3 sneaker brands to try this summer

#1 - Fitflop 

Why Fitflop? Scientifically engineered to promote optimal body alignment and complement your natural walking style, FitFlops™ are literally made for living in. Their extensive range of fashionable and functional designs are the result of science and passion. Simply put: FitFlops™ are the perfect combination of biomechanics, comfort and fashion.

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#2 - Holster

Why Holster? One of their key principles is to be a sustainable company and to use their influence to help prevent animal cruelty. The design and development team is committed to a vegan protocol because it’s essential to them not to harm animals or take shortcuts in production. Embracing this ethical philosophy in production has created 100% vegan footwear – registered with the Vegan Society UK and PETA Approved.

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#3 - Saint and Summer

Why Saint and Summer? A brand by South Africans, for South Africans. Each of their shoes are designed to compliment your individual distinctive style. They are all locally designed and inspired by urban styles we see around us; encouraging us to focus on some of the best scenery Durban has to offer! Guided by a strong set of values, SAINT&SUMMER set out to build a “different” kind of modern company, one founded on compassion and ethics, aiming to influence society in both fashion and social responsibility.

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Remember that comfort is key and it is absolutely worth investing in a good pair of sneakers that will treat your feet well, and last you many seasons to come. 
Happy shopping!

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